Scholarship Program
of the Tennessee State Association
of Free Will Baptists


Student must be seeking an associate, bachelor, or master's degree at Welch College to be eligible to apply.


Student must be a member of a Free Will Baptist church directly affiliated with the Tennessee State Association of Free Will Baptists.


Five $4,000 scholarships may be awarded. In addition, the Edward J. Young Scholarship ($1,500) may be awarded to a student studying for chaplaincy.


All applications and supporting documentation must be submitted by March 1, 2024.


NOTE: Please read the additional requirements and important information listed below the application form before submitting.

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Required Additional Information

The following supporting documents must also be submitted by March 1, 2024 to Include your full name in the subject line of every email submission.

  1. Letter of reference from your pastor. The letter should be emailed directly from your pastor to the address above.
  2. A short testimony concerning your salvation experience.
  3. An essay of at least 500 words that includes the following: your career plans, intended course of study, why the scholarship committee should consider your application, some of your accomplishments, any volunteer or ministry involvement, your level of financial need, etc.
  4. Current transcript

Important Information: The application deadline, including all supporting documentation, must be received by March 1, 2024. The TNFWB Scholarship Committee will evaluate the applications received based on a set rubric and award scholarships by April 1 based on available funds. Awarded scholarships will be applied to the student’s account at Welch College, 50% in the fall semester and 50% in the Spring semester. Funds from the TNFWB Scholarship Program are not refundable to the student. Awarded funds for students who withdraw during the school year will be returned to TNFWB. Your digital signature above signifies the information provided is correct and grants the TNFWB Scholarship Committee your permission to discuss your situation with those who may be pertinent to awarding the scholarship.