TN Home Missions Board Establishes "Osborn Memorial Fund"

In honor of the memory of church planter Tim Osborn the Tennessee Home Mission Board has established the “Osborn Memorial Fund”. Tim, labored faithfully and successfully as a joint project worker for Tennessee and the National Home Mission Board in establishing a church in Oakland, Tennessee.

Tim leaves behind his wife, Robyn, and seven children, five of whom are still home. Both the National Home Mission Board and the Tennessee State Board are helping in significant way with the families short term needs. Proceeds from the memorial fund will be used to reduce the mortgage on Robyn’s home to help her long term.

The Tennessee Board has issued a challenge for every church in our state to take an offering or send a gift of at least $ 1,000.00. If that is not possible any gift will be appreciated.

All gifts should be sent to the Tennessee State Association and designated to the “Osborn Memorial Fund”. All gifts can be sent to the address below.

TN St. Assoc. of Free Will Baptists
P.O. Box 58954
Nashville, TN 37205

(We encourage all of those who are concerned for the Osborn family to post the above news release on social media, through e-mail, church web sites, etc. to help us inform others of the goal. Please post the entire news release exactly as it given. We appreciate your help and concern.)