TN Executive Committee Requests Resumes and Recommendations

Executive Committee Requests Resumes and Recommendations

At the conclusion of his report to delegates at the 2018 Tennessee State Meeting, Promotional Director, Glenn Poston, announced his transition from the office, effective December 31, 2019. As per the By-Laws of the Tennessee State Association, the new promotional director will be secured by the Executive Committee.

(Article VI, Section 2, F) It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to secure the services of the Promotional Director for the Tennessee State Association of Free Will Baptists, whose term of service shall be indefinite, subject to a sixty (60) day notice by the Executive Committee or by the Promotional Director.

The Executive Committee’s plan is to announce the new promotional director at or before the 2019 state meeting in Pigeon Forge in November 2019. The Executive Committee has chosen the following procedure for selecting a new promotional director.

  • The Executive Committee will receive candidate resumes and/or recommendations for the position until February 28, 2019. Resumes or recommendations should be sent to state clerk, Jeff Caudill,  by email  ( or by regular mail at the following address:

Jeff Caudill

c/o Cofer’s Chapel FWB Church

3915 Franklin Rd.

Nashville, TN  37204

  • All recommendations must have the permission of the person being recommended.
  • All pertinent information regarding this process will be dispersed to churches, pastors, and the General Board members, and will be printed in the winter issue Echo in January 2019.
  • The Executive Committee will plan to process the resumes during March and April and interview candidates at the June Executive Committee meeting.

The following information is requested of each candidate either on their resume or attached document

  • Candidate’s name, address, phone, and email
  • Present positions held
  • Personal information: age at the time of conversion, marital status, spouse’s name, children’s names and ages.
  • Assuming the candidate is a minister: approximate date they were called to preach, year and place of ordination
  • Denominational service: churches pastored (with dates); district, state, and denominational positions (with dates)
  • Are they in good standing in their district association?
  • Does this person actively support Free Will Baptist denominational ministries?
  • What is the candidate’s preferred method of financial support?
  • Does the candidate and/or his church support the Unified Ministry Plan or the Together Way Plan either by designated gifts or undesignated gifts?
  • Are there any denominational ministries this person cannot support? List and explain why.
  • Educational level: schools attended, dates, and degrees or diplomas earned or other specialized training
  • Other awards received, books written, community service, etc.
  • Any comments as to why the candidate would want to serve in this position

The job description of the Promotional Director (from the Tennessee State Association By-laws)

  1. Give oversight to Free Will Baptist work in Tennessee and especially promote the Unified Ministry Plan.
  2. Represent the Tennessee State Association to district association and quarterly meetings.
  3. Gather pertinent newsworthy items from across the state, and edit the information for publication in the state paper, Echo, each quarter. He will also maintain the mailing list for Echo.
  4. Promote the overall work of the Tennessee State Association and the National Association of Free Will Baptists.
  5. Work closely with the Executive Committee – notify members of meetings, build an agenda, carry out directives given.
  6. After the Executive Committee plans the annual program for the state meeting, notify participants, print programs and compile a digest of reports.
  7. Work closely with the host pastor, program personalities and musicians so the annual meeting will progress smoothly.
  8. Keep up with each state board, make proper announcements, and give general promotion to all areas of work in the Tennessee State Association.
  9. Attend meetings of associations presently not members of the State or National Associations – to inform them of the State and National work and to encourage their affiliation.
  10. Conduct seminars and preach when invited.
  11. Represent the Tennessee State Association on the General Board of the National Association.
  12. Attend and participate in the annual Leadership Conference of the National Association.
  13. Maintain information on churches which need pastors – and of pastoral prospects.
  14. Be available to make hospital calls.
  15. To serve in a pastoral role to any Tennessee pastor and offer counsel and encouragement to any member of the Tennessee State Association.