Randall House Unites With Dale Burden To Produce the Heritage Bible Series

In October of 2010 Rev. Dale Burden approached Randall House with an idea. After much collaboration, Bro. Burden and Ron Hunter excitedly announce the new series to be released this fall entitled the Heritage Bible Series. Reaching back into the archives, Bro. Burden is significantly reworking his original writings to include the relevant application needed for a biblical worldview and working in the D6 family themes so the Heritage Bible Series will fit in the D6 Curriculum Series.

The Heritage Bible Series is written for anyone desiring intensive study of God’s Word with real life application. While the primary audience may be empty nesters, we are confident that any adult will enjoy the depth and approach toward God’s Holy Word and guide for our lives. Executive Director Ron Hunter said, “Bro. Burden has written more lessons for Randall House than any writer in our history. We care about every church and segment of our denomination and this product will really fill a needed role. The bonus to our churches in the Heritage Bible Series is how Bro Burden is willing to position this lecture style adult curriculum to fit into the D6 Curriculum line allowing easier conversations between parents and their kids when the whole family can use their D6 student curriculum pieces.”

Rev. Dale Burden served on the Randall House board of directors from 1960 through 1986 and during that time he wrote for 15 years. “While writing for Bible Scholar,” Hunter says, “we can safely estimate that seven and a half million lessons were printed and used by adults all over North America.”

This new product will release in the fall of this year with the first lesson starting in September. If you are using Union Gospel Press, Bob Jones, Abeka, or any other non-Free Will Baptist curriculum, this is a great time to return to a solid Free Will product and put all ages of your family into a Randall House product to insure the future beliefs of our children and grandchildren. Pastor Jim Marcum said, “In these lessons, Free Will Baptists will discover a presentation that is Bible based, a perspective that is conservative, and a passion that is local church oriented.”