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Pinson and Reid Published by Theological Society

NASHVILLE, TN—The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (JETS) published materials by two Free Will Baptist Bible College personnel in the December 2010 issue. One item is a book

review by Garnett Reid who chairs the Biblical and Ministry Studies Department; the other is a major paper on Arminian theology by President Matt Pinson.

Dr. Pinson’s 13-page paper, “The Nature of Atonement in the Theology of Jacobus Arminius,” is presented in six sections plus a summary/conclusion—The Threefold Office of Christ, The Priesthood of Christ, Justice, Divine Wrath, Satisfaction, and Payment.

Pinson writes, “Jacobus Arminius is one of the best known and least studied theologians in the history of Christianity. His writings have been neglected by Calvinists and Arminians alike….Arminius scholar Carl Bangs is correct when he says that most modern treatments of Arminius assume a definition of Arminianism that does not come from Arminius.”

Dr. Reid’s two-page article reviews Judges, a 538-page volume by Trent Butler, published in 2009 by Thomas Nelson ($49.99). Reid says that Trent Butler “likens his work in solving the riddle of Judges to that of a detective. Over the course of his investigation, Butler unravels many enigmas, examines evidence that may solve a few more, and leaves some to stand as cold cases.”

Reid places the volume in the top tier of studies on Judges for four reasons: It tackles difficulties in the text honestly and offers plausible solutions; it converses with an extensive sampling of modern literature on Judges; it displays sustained sensitivity to the rhetorical features of the text; it views the book as accurate historical testimony.

Both Dr. Pinson and Dr. Reid are frequently published in theological journals and denominational publications. Books by Pinson include the 2009 Perspectives on Christian Worship: Five Views (ed.) (Broadman & Holman); The Washing of the Saints’ Feet (Randall House, 2006); Four Views on Eternal Security (ed.), (Zondervan, 2002), and others. Dr. Reid’s most recent book, Deuteronomy 6 in 3D: What Matters Most, was published in 2010 by Randall House. He also writes a regular column, “Intersect,” in ONE Magazine.

Matt Pinson has been president of FWBBC since 2002. Garnett Reid joined the FWBBC faculty in 1982.