Outlaws Transition to New Role

Antioch, TN—General Director Clint Morgan recently announced that David and Angie Outlaw, veterans of field missionary service in Central Asia, will take on a newly created role. David will serve as an international education specialist in conjunction with our Free Will Baptist training institutions around the world.

“After more than 75 years of missions activity, we are in an interesting and exciting place,” explains Clint Morgan. “Many of our works around the world have matured and are being led by capable people, most of whom were saved, discipled, and trained by our missionaries. They have taken responsibility and are moving the work forward. Now our role in the work has shifted.”

The IM leadership team is developing partnerships with our Free Will Baptist national leaders around the world. “We sit across from our brothers around the world as equals now,” explains Jeff Turnbough, director of field operations. “These are mature, seasoned leaders who have sought the Lord and developed strategies for continuing the work. When we ask what they need from us, many request help in training pastors and even preparing their missionaries. David’s skills will be optimized in this arena.”

David earned a Ph. D. (in theology) from Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary in 2001 and is singularly qualified to teach at the college and seminary level. In addition to missionary experience, David and Angie served 11 years in pastoral service in Arkansas and Tennessee. This combination of academic preparation and practical ministry involvement makes David a valuable member of the IM team. David regularly travels to Kazakhstan to train pastors in doctrine, theology, and missions. In addition to teaching in Kazakhstan, in the fall of this year he will teach in South Korea, at the Cedars of Lebanon Seminary in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, and possibly in Pakistan.

Clint Morgan puts Outlaw’s role in context, “As we move forward, we have an unparalleled opportunity to fuel church growth overseas. But, we must be flexible and ready to work with our national leaders, providing what they do not have. In this environment, David is a significant asset and his ministry will be a great blessing in establishing the theological and doctrinal foundations of our pastors and leaders around the world.”

“God has placed a great burden for lost people all over the world in our hearts. We would love nothing more than to live as a family in another country helping reach people in the activity of everyday life,” David laments. “But, it is clear God is opening this door for our family, and we are ready to be used by Him in a way that will have an impact for many years to come.”

The Outlaw family will live in Nashville and Angie will provide support and logistics. She will travel with David as family life and the situation permits. When not traveling, David will spend time preparing his course work; working with the management team of the Global Training Resources (GTR, www.globaltrainingresources.net) initiative to facilitate the networking and spread of training resources that can be shared between leaders around the world; and raising support among our churches.

All Free Will Baptists are asked to pray for International Missions during this time of great opportunity. Prayers are also requested for the Outlaw family and David’s ministry in particular.