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Mark McPeak Resigns From International Missions

Mark McPeak, International Missions’ director of advancement since February 2012, has tendered his resignation effective December 31, 2014. Previously, McPeak

served as director of communications (April 2005-April 2008) and deputy director of stateside operations (April 2008-February 2011) for the Mission.

During his tenure at IM, Mark helped develop strategies for communications, development, missionary stateside assignment, and other dimensions of the Mission’s stateside and home office operations. He led initiatives, provided focus, and supplied a 60,000-foot strategic viewpoint in discussions. McPeak is leaving International Missions to pursue other business opportunities.

“I am truly sorry to see Mark leave. He is my good friend and brother. An African proverb comes to mind: Between true friends, even water drunk together is sweet. Mark is that kind of friend to me.” General Director Clint Morgan stressed, “I value his wisdom, marketing and business insight, and godly character. I am confident he is pursuing God’s heart and will, and wish him many blessings in his new path.”

“Working at International Missions with Clint Morgan and the wonderful team has been a fantastic experience for me,” Mark explained. “I was absolutely certain God led me to IM and have enjoyed every moment of my time here. Members of the IM family are some of the most dedicated and hardworking people I have ever known—those in the office and missionaries around the world. As certain as I am that I was led to IM, I am equally sure it is His plan for me to leave.”

Through the years, Mark’s market research and business strategy acumen have proven vital to the Mission. He will continue to focus on these strengths as he engages in a joint-venture company to be launched in 2015.