Ken Riggs Writes Book for Teachers

NASHVILLE, TN—Dr. Ken Riggs, interim Psychology program coordinator at Welch College (formerly Free Will Baptist Bible College), has written a 104-page, 12-chapter book for the Evangelical Training Association titled Teaching Techniques: Becoming an Effective Teacher. The soft-cover book came off the press in August 2012.

Dr. Riggs said, “This book is an attempt to define effective teaching by looking at three aspects: the teaching methods of Jesus, examining one of the most influential books for Christian teachers (The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory), and the two key ingredients of teaching—preparation and presentation.”

The book concludes with an eight-page section titled “Three That Mattered,” focusing on the impact of three influential teachers on society—John Amos Comenius (1592-1670), Robert Raikes (1736-1811), and Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827).

The first four chapters in the book study Jesus’ example as a teacher. The next three chapters address what it takes to be an effective teacher. The last five chapters deal with understanding the psychology of learning.

Dr. Riggs has written two other books. They Call Me Doc (2011) follows his own journey from new convert to professional educator. By the Way (2012) chronicles his father’s ministry as a Free Will Baptist visionary, pastor, and international missions leader. Riggs also wrote three booklets—The Runaway, How to Live Right, and You Can Know—as well as several gospel tracts.

A long-tenured educator, Dr. Riggs taught 23 years (1971-1993) on the Welch College Teacher Education faculty. He has been an adjunct professor at Nashville State Community College since 1992 and served as administrator at Pleasant View Christian School (2004-2010).