International Missions Makes Adjustments To the New Funding System

Antioch, TN—“Even as we implemented the approved new funding system in January 2010, ” stated Danny Williams, International Missions’ board chairman, “we acknowledged that we might need to make future adjustments.” After continuing conversations with pastors and laymen, state and national leaders, supporters of both designated giving and general giving, the board determined adjustments needed to be made.

Discussions with various segments of the Mission’s constituency revealed that many, if not most, of our Free Will Baptist people prefer designated giving. Some of these same people were willing to support the Mission and global evangelism efforts regardless of the funding structure; however, when designating their funds, they indicated they give more.

The following adjustments have been made:

1) Strategic Ministry Partnerships (SMPs) are eliminated. Instead, each missionary has a fund (i.e., Poole Fund, Barker Fund, Awtrey Fund, Price Fund) for his comprehensive support and ministry. Every contributor is considered a partner with no requirements or restrictions concerning the amount given.

2) Donors may contribute designated or undesignated gifts. Undesignated gifts will be used to support the entire work of the Mission around the world. Designated gifts will be applied as designated—to individual missionary funds or partner field ministries (Russia, Cuba, etc.). At the end of each calendar year, these funds will be zeroed out with excess funds going to the support of other missionary personnel and projects.

“I am confident that a perfect funding system does not exist,” Interim General Director Clint Morgan asserted. “However, the board and leadership team have diligently considered, discussed, and sought God’s direction to provide a support system that is reflective of the realities of our constituency, appreciated by each donor, and capable of producing the resources necessary to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.”