IM Board Holds Year-end Meeting

IM Board Holds Year-end Meeting

Antioch, TN— The Board of IM, Inc. met December 5-6, 2018, in the Antioch, Tennessee, office.

General Director Clint Morgan reflected, “The December board meeting is over and, once again, I am reminded the National Association has elected an amazing group of people to oversee IM. The diversity of personalities and perspectives provide an amazingly clear view of the issues, opportunities, and options as we discuss matters of importance concerning FWB ministries around the world.”

The board heard reports from each of the leadership team, reviewed financial reports and budgets, considered and acted on proposals, approved handbook changes and set the dates for the annual meeting in 2019 for April 29-May 1.

The board regretfully accepted the resignation of Lázaro and Ariadna Riesgo. In a November letter, the Riesgos reflected, “We have much enjoyed and appreciated the opportunities…to meet a growing need for training Hispanics…God has blessed…with ministry opportunities in the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Panama, El Salvador, Peru, Uruguay, and several connections in other countries. IM provided the training, resources, encouragement, and occasion we needed to follow God with full and joyful hearts.” The couple extended a 90-day-notice effective November 1, stating they would encourage supporters to continue donations to their account through January 2019.

General Director Clint Morgan stated, “True servants of God rise above the norm no matter where they are nor what the task. Lázaro and Ariadna fit in this group of committed believers.”

The board approved an operational budget of $6.4 million for 2019. Projected self-funded programs carry the total budget to $9.7 million. IMpact projects, The Hanna Project trips and projects, student missions, etc. require fundraising separate from the operational budget.

Board chairman Jeff Manning summarized the two-day meeting, saying, “Sometimes, we use the expression ‘Christmas came early this year.’ Well, when hearing of souls being saved, disciples being made, and churches being planted around the world during our December mission board meeting, it feels like Christmas came early! I praise the Lord for the work of our missionaries and our partners as they advance God’s Kingdom globally.”

All board members (Jeff Manning, chairman, NC; Jeff Nichols, vice-chairman, TN; Mark Price, secretary, OH; Janice Banks, TX; Danny Gasperson, NC; Will Harmon, AR; Cameron Lane, AR; Robert Posner, TX; Rodney Yerby, AL) participated in the meeting, although Jan Banks (TX) attended via video conference.