Highlights of the National Association

Highlights of the National Association and Vertical Three Youth Conference
Little Rock, Arkansas
July 22-25, 2018

  • The convention was marked by great music, preaching and fellowship.
  • Keith Burden announced his retirement effective at the end of 2019 as executive secretary. The Executive Committee is charged with the responsibility of presenting a single candidate for the position at the 2019 convention to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The executive committee will receive candidate recommendations until October 30, 20018.
  • Nearly 50,000 people watched at least a portion of the services online.
  • Net total attendance was 4,714. Some attendees register for both the national association and the Vertical Three conference. NAFWB attendance was 3,871 and Vertical Three Conference was 3,416.
  • Delegates approved budgets totaling almost $30 million dollars.
  • International Missions announced a name change to IM, Inc.
  • Dr. Robert E. Picirilli was honored for his multi-decade efforts as curator of the FWB Historical Collection. Philip Morgan is now working as curator on the campus of Welch College where the collection is now housed.
  • The executive director introduced Dr. Danny Dwyer, administrator of Rekindle church revitalization. Dr. Dwyer explained the program briefly. However, the committee formed last year to consider the feasibility of forming a separate department at the national association for the revitalization efforts advised against forming a separate department at this time. Churches interested in revitalization should consider working with the revitalization efforts currently underway.
  • Delegates approved the selection of Tampa, Florida for the 2024 convention.
  • Delegates approved the increase in representation fees to $175 in 2020 and to $200 in 2025 to address rising cost of the convention.
  • Delegates approved the formation of a Committee on Denominational Research (funded by a grant from the FWB Foundation) to be formed to guide and undertake denominational research.
  • Welch College requested permission to make their financial reports based on the college calendar.
  • The announcement was made that beginning in 2020, the FWB Yearbook would only be published in a digital format to save money and stay more current with address changes, etc.
  • All officers were retained to their positions.

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