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Great News From IM Director Clint Morgan

I love being the bearer of good news….and especially GREAT NEWS! I have 3 pieces of really great news to share with you.

[1] First and foremost we are grateful to God we ended 2017 in the black.

[2] Second of all, our total for the 2017 World Missions Offering [WMO] was $552,768.04 in undesignated funds. As you know the 2017 World Missions Offering goes to support partnerships, missionaries in need, and the general fund.

[3] Now for the really GREAT NEWS.

> Of the WMO total, $275,795.91 went to fully fund the remaining budgets/balances of partnership commitments.

> That left $276,972.13 to be split 60/40% between missionaries in need (60%) and the general fund (40%).

> This $166,183.28 (60% amount) combined with $53,495.02 from the general fund allowed us to erase ALL missionary deficits as of December 31, 2017! Praise the Lord!

This GREAT NEWS is a clear reminder of God’s generous blessings and provision. ​Let us collectively rejoice in the goodness of the Lord. The presence and power of God, along with the obedience giving of our FWB supporters has made all this possible