Geneva Poole Welcomed Home

Geneva Poole, veteran missionary to Brazil, entered her heavenly home early this morning, November 20, 2013. Diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2012, Mrs. Poole began an aggressive regimen of treatment. However, eventually the cancer spread to other parts of her body. Even as cancer raged, her trust in the Lord and His plan for her remained firm as did her determination to continue to serve Him as He provided strength.

Bobby and Geneva were appointed to missionary service in Brazil in April 1960. They were married in September and entered Brazil as newlyweds in December 1960. The couple has served faithfully through the tenures of all six of the Mission’s general directors.

When the Pooles entered Brazil, less than 2% of the people claimed to be Protestant Christians. Today, that number has risen to approximately 23%. Ribeirão Preto, an educational center in the state of São Paulo, has been the Pooles’ place of service since February 1962. They started four churches in the area. Geneva continued to plan, develop, and prepare vacation Bible school materials and teach in the seminary over the last year.

Geneva accepted Christ when she was 13 years old at Lebanon FWB Church in Effingham, S.C. At a young age she developed a conviction that God wanted her on the mission field. That conviction was confirmed while at Welch College.

Bobby and Geneva have garnered 53 years of faithful missionary service and have spent the last few months in transition in preparation to retire on December 31, 2013. Over the years, they engaged in prison ministry, prepared Bible studies, established a long-running radio ministry and telephone answering service that shared Scripture 24/7, sponsored vacation Bible schools, began and promoted camps and retreats to foster spiritual growth and encourage community, and founded a Bible institute/seminary that has trained men and women for more than 40 years.

Geneva Poole leaves behind her husband Bobby and sons Robert and John, both born in Brazil, and their families.