FWBBC Professor Leroy Forlines Passes The Systematic Theology Torch

NASHVILLE, TN—Reverend Leroy Forlines, Systematic Theology professor at Free Will Baptist Bible College for almost six decades, informed the administration that effective fall 2011 he believes the time is right to pass responsibility for teaching the denomination-shaping course to others. A theological icon among Free Will Baptists and the broader community of Christian scholars, Reverend Forlines has taught Systematic Theology at FWBBC since 1954, except two years when he pursued graduate studies and one semester while on a mission in Russia. Dr. Kevin Hester, a 1993 FWBBC graduate who chairs the Theological Studies Department, will teach the fall semester of Systematic Theology. The spring semester will be taught by Reverend Matthew McAffee, Biblical and Theological Studies coordinator and a 1999 FWBBC graduate completing doctoral studies at the University of Chicago. Both men are former students of Professor Forlines.