FWBBC Bible Conference/FORUM 10

March 11, 2010

Bible Conference/FORUM10 Stirs FWBBC Campus

NASHVILLE, TN—The March 7-10 Bible Conference/FORUM10 at Free Will Baptist Bible College delivered on its promise to confront cultural issues of the day in a biblical context and provide practical solutions for pastors and youth ministers to take back to their local communities, according to President Matt Pinson. More than 500 people, including 234 non-students who registered as well as a sizeable contingency who did not register, participated in the fast-paced, four-day event that featured specialized morning and afternoon workshops focusing on why young people are—and are not—leaving the church and how to engage postmodern culture with the gospel.
Dr. Pinson said, “We were delighted with the positive response to the 2010 conference. We tried something different this year—grappling with the nation’s postmodern culture that’s pounding on our church doors, and bringing specialists to campus who understand the theological issues at stake and have discovered how to deliver a clear Christian message in a compelling way to the crowded marketplace of ideas, lifestyles, and worldviews. It worked! The energy and excitement during worship sessions and the new FORUM10 afternoon plenary sessions designed for youth, family, and pastoral ministry professionals confirmed that this unique group of speakers connected with our students and guests on issues that matter.”