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FWB International Missions Faces Financial Crisis

Free Will Baptists International Missions
is in the grip of the worst financial crisis ever experienced in the history of Free Will Baptists International Missions. After more than two years of dealing with the impact of a devalued U.S. dollar against other world currencies, the mission has been hit by a major decline in gifts from supporters. The currency crisis has cost the Mission in excess of $630,000 in 2008 and 2009. In spite of this, the mission was holding it’s own financially—until August of this year. August-November giving to the Mission plummeted and a large portion of reserves have been depleted.

A loss in excess of $500,000 has been reported for the 2009 fiscal year!

In response to this, the IM board approved a drastically reduced budget for 2010. Every International Missions employee both field and stateside has taken a 5% pay cut. Nearly every budget category in the Mission has been cut (this includes my ministry budget). Unfortunately, four positions in the home office have been eliminated. Because most of the Mission’s expenses are field-related, only so much can be cut in the home office. Unless the Lord moves on the hearts of people, IM may be forced to do the unthinkable…

The Mission may have to lay off missionaries if our FWB people do not respond immediately!

You may be asking, “What can I do?” The first thing you can to is PRAY. We are confident God will answer the prayers of His people and is receiving glory even amidst this crisis. Will you dedicate some time to pray with for God to supply the funds needed to continue reaching the unreached for Him?

Also, please visit the IM website ( to view a video from General Director, James Forlines. On the website, you can also read additional information, keep up-to-date on this financial crisis, and give gifts directly on-line. Please share this information with your church, as well as other individuals who have a heart for missions.