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Commemorative Items Released By Executive Office

To mark the 75th anniversary of the National Association, the Executive Committee planned this year’s convention around the theme, “Honoring Our Heritage.” Speakers at the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evening services will define free will, free grace, and free salvation. On Wednesday evening, Executive Secretary Keith Burden will look into the future to the promise and challenges that lie ahead.

The Executive Office has produced two important commemorative items to be released at the convention. Honoring Our Heritage is a stunning video documentary that takes viewers on an unforgettable trip through Free Will Baptist history, from the oppression faced by our English General Baptist forerunners in the 1600s and the early development of Free Will Baptists in America to the highlights of the 20th Century and the growth and development of a fledgling denomination.

Convention Sermons is a beautiful, hardbound book containing more than a thousand pages of sermons collected from 75 years of conventions. Timeless messages from men like LaVerne Miley, L.C. Johnson, and Robert Picirilli will encourage you, challenge you, inspire you, and give you a glimpse into Free Will Baptist life for three-quarters of a century. To reserve your copy of both book and DVD, contact the Free Will Baptist Executive Office at 877-767-7659.