2016 Truth and Peace Recap

By Allen Pointer

Truth and Peace 2016 was a year of firsts! The conference had its largest number of student leaders with 130 students attending from 20 states and the countries of Spain and Canada. It was also the first event ever hosted by Randall University after their name change became official on July 1. There were 20 teams that were captained by third year (301) Truth and Peace students, each team representing a country where Free Will Baptist missionaries, teachers, and workers ministering for the sake of the Gospel. The ten days on campus were packed with teaching, training, and worship as the staff and 401’s guided the process with many hours of service. After shifting from Randall University to the Vertical III conference in Kansas City, MO the T&P students began to practice their servant leadership in a variety of ways as conference staff.

2016 YET Tour Recap
The 2016 Youth Evangelist Team traveled almost 2,000 miles, conducting 8 services in 5 states, and working on 4 service projects. Jeremy and Beth Thomas did an outstanding job of guiding the YET tour and assisting the group as they lead worship for the Conference. The 2017 YET Tour will be traveling to the Southeast, USA.